About Me

A photograph of Kathryn.

I currently work as a graphic designer and bespoke production lead at Hobs Repro in Bournemouth, where I am fully submerged in the glorious world of all things print. My main focus is the design and manufacture of all our bespoke creations. Our clientele is largely corporate with a strong basis in high-value tender submissions.

I’ve always shown an interest in print based media, having studied Art and Product Design at A-Level and Graphic Design BA(Hons) at the Arts University Bournemouth. It was here that I honed in on my love of design for print. I have an appreciation for real, physical pieces of design; something you can hold, explore, feel different textures, distinguish different finishes, use one colour or fifty. To design with all of these factors to consider is a gratifying challenge.

If you’d like to view my CV for a more formal overview, please feel free to contact me via email.